Whatever Happened to Justice? Supreme Court OKs Police Tasering Pregnant Women

SPC Comment—The Police forces in the United States have been militarized. Once called to protect and serve the citizens of the country, they are now protecting and serving those who run the country behind the scenes in an attempt to intimidate the American citizenry into submission. To show how far our officers have fallen, they […]

POLICE STATE USA: New Obama Executive Order Seizes U.S. Infrastructure and Citizens for Military Preparedness

SPC Comment: We are closer than ever to the enactment of a full-blown police state in America. The following information is extremely important if you are to understand the seriousness of the times we are living in. Combine this recent Executive Order with the NDAA and the Trespassing Bill and you have the makings of a […]

Tanks on Main Street: The Militarization of Local Police

The United States transformation into a Police State is almost complete. Find out how even the smallest police units around the country became equipped with the latest and greatest in military technology in the following article by John W. Whitehead. By John W. Whitehead  January 03, 2012 “If we’re training cops as soldiers, giving them […]

America the Police State: Pt. 2 Resistance is Futile

America! America! God shed His grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea!  –1st Chorus of America the Beautiful  

Occupy Wall Street and “The American Autumn”: Is It a “Colored Revolution”?

Note:  This is a great companion article to the article I have written entitled, America the Police State: Pt. 1 – The Silent Takeover. Professor Michel Chossudovsky traces the roots of the movements we have witnessed in Egypt, Yemen and now even the United States. Movements like this are usually not spontaneous. They are carefully […]

America the Police State: Pt. 1 The Silent Takeover

But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. Matthew 13:25

The Day America Died

Note:  As I have warned in the past, America is steadily being turned into a Police State. Its government has become utterly corrupt. Its politicians have been bought and paid for by corporations and the military industrial complex. It is beholden to foreign powers because of its debt. It is conducting wars and assassinations of […]

E-Verify: De Facto National ID and the End of Privacy

Big Brother has some new schemes up its sleeve to tighten its grip on a complacent society. Read about the latest plans for intrusion and control in the following article by John W. Whitehead. By John W. Whitehead 9/16/2011 As technology grows more sophisticated and the American government and its corporate allies further refine their […]